Shoppers Movement Analytics to Improve Marketing Decisions

Understand your Consumers, Optimise their Journeys

Our Decisions Platform Helps You Measure and Improve Consumer Engagement

Increase ROI

  • Improve Shopper Experience
  • Motivate and monitor staff
  • Understand and improve conversions
  • Leverage security camera footage

Measure Performance

  • Staff Performance
  • Asset Utilisation
  • Shopper Movement Tracking
  • Shopper Touchstream Tracking

Motivate & Energize

  • Share performance metrics
  • Provide video feedback
  • Transfer best practices
  • One-Stop Dashboard for Multiple Locations

How Does our Retail Solution Work?

Moving Audiences Decisions can be applied as a low-cost solution that leverages existing security camera footage to perform anonymous person detection and provides shopper analytics KPI's like Counts, arrival times, shoppers group size, dwell times, and demographics.

It also provides a way to track predominant flow direction in various aisles or indoor locations to help evaluate product or store performance or improve either in-store or shopping mall advertising and displays.

Additionally, you get access to a simple dashboard that allows you to review and benchmark hundred of locations based on customer flow on a daily basis.

Our Retail Solution can be applied to multiple verticals for various purposes:


Track customer and staff performance. you can also track compliance to customer service matrics, spotlight high performing staff, and identify problems.


Measure entrance/exit areas and benchmark store locations based on customer density. Increase revenues via strategic placement of advertising assets.


Measure event performance down to dwell times in individual booths. The information can be used to determine the pricing of various booth spaces and future planning based on the performance of different locations.

Fuel Stations

One-stop dashboard to measure station performance, nozzle performance, and even retail conversions. You can also gauge fueling patterns in real-time.